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The Difference of STELLAR Advice

Real-Time Help from a Heavy-Duty Expert

As heavy machines become more and more sophisticated, correctly diagnosing problems before prescribing solutions and completing the repair is more important than ever—especially with the demands on industry to be running and running all the time optimally.

With this in mind, Stellar Mechanics is offering a new, unique service: Personalized, real-time consultations with experienced Red Seal heavy-duty specialist Beryl Isaac.

For an introductory fee of only $60 per 20-minute consultation, Beryl will help diagnose the issue and provide guidance for the repair plan. It’s an offering we’re excited to extend to operators, businesses, and up-and-coming mechanics.

Book a STELLAR consultation with Beryl Isaac!

We offer detailed advice to operators, mechanics, and businesses throughout North America.

STELLAR Consultations, Quick Solutions

“Recently, a customer called to say he had parked his truck in running condition, but a few days later, it refused to start. Instead of traveling out to diagnose and repair the truck on-site, Beryl asked a few questions and guided the customer through a comprehensive check of the fuel supply system.

Although the tank was ¾ full, the engine would run for a short time, and the fuel filter seals were not doubled up. Beryl pointed out that this eliminated three possible causes of the problem, and following his step-by-step instructions, the customer discovered that the filter wasn’t tight enough to seal properly. He was then able to quickly complete the repair, and he saved the time and money that would have been required for a service call.”

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