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Oftentimes, an operator, business, or technician will first look to eliminate straightforward solutions to a problem before proceeding with a service call or full consultation. We’re here to help with that, too.
Simply submit your question, and Red Seal heavy-duty specialist, Beryl Isaac, will reply quickly on the platform of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m going to an auction to buy a John Deere excavator. Is there anything I should check before bidding?

A: Yes! Check the coolant tank. If it’s black inside, it means engine oil is in the coolant, which often indicates a head gasket failure.

Q: My machine starts hard in cold weather. Is there anything I can do about it?

A: Absolutely. Make sure you’re using the proper weight of engine oil. If the temperature is below -10 degrees Celsius, use 0W40. This oil is fine for warmer temperatures, too!

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Have a question about your machine or the one you’re working on? Simply text it to (204) 380-1704 also available on WhatsApp – and Beryl will promptly provide an answer or the next steps. The introductory fee is $15 per question, and while it’s not mandatory to complete the form below, the information you provide will help Beryl provide the most detailed response.

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